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An easy to follow guide to help you take creative control of your DSLR camera.


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Andrew Goodall is a professional nature photographer with over 25 years' experience. In addition to owning one of the longest-running nature galleries in Australia, Andrew has hosted photography tours both within and outside Australia.

After writing several e-books on photography in earlier years, Andrew began teaching workshops in 2008, and his classes continue to sell out to this day.


Now, with all that teaching experience behind him, Andrew has returned to writing. His latest e-book, DSLR Photography in Plain English, follows a tried-and-true approach that will help you take control of your camera and start enjoying the world of creative photography.


"As as self-taught photographer, I have always taken a simple common-sense approach to photography. And photography really is quite simple - it's just that cameras have become so very complicated.
Your DSLR camera may have hundreds of features but you don't need to know them all - especially in the beginning. By focusing your attention on the settings that matter and applying some old-fashioned camera technique, I can show you that photography is a creative joy - not a technical nightmare."
Natures Image Photography
Andrew Goodall, Kakadu National Park, NT.


There are a few things you need to know when first starting out - and plenty of things you don't need to know.





- At least five different shooting modes

- Three different metering modes

- Several different focusing modes

- Hundreds of additional functions and menu items


How is a beginner supposed to know where to start? 


 Well here is the good news...

Natures Image Photography

Every great photo you see...every great photo you the product of just a few well-chosen settings.
In fact, once a photographer frames up a good photo opportunity, they will ask themselves a few simple questions.
  • What shutter speed do I need?
  • What aperture do I need?
  • Do I need to change my ISO?

Natures Image Photography

Natures Image Photography

Once you understand what these fundamental settings do - and how to use them - you will find that creative photography can be far simpler than some 'experts' want you to believe...and far more rewarding than you ever imagined.
Whether you want to shoot landscapes, wildlife, sports, portraits...any subject you can think of; the same basic skills apply.
If you can learn how to control them manually, you will discover how many of the other features on your camera simply don't matter!

Natures Image Photography




 What will I learn from DSLR Photography In Plain English?


This is so much more than just an explanation of 'camera-speak.' Following the process Andrew uses in his workshops, it begins with the absolute basics and leads you step-by-step towards a system where - with a little practice - you will be confident shooting in Manual mode.

  • We start at the beginning; Exposure and the main settings we use to control it - Shutter Speed and Aperture.
  • How the settings work in Shutter Priority (TV), Aperture Priority (AV) and Manual (M).
  • A closer look at Manual mode, which gives you maximum control with minimal messing around.
  • ISO: what it means and how to use it for best results.
  • Lenses: what they do and how to use them to add genuine impact to your shots.
  • Digital 'bits and pieces' like White Balance, Metering, Autofocus, shooting RAW vs. shooting JPEG. 
All of this - and more - explained in plain English terms and fully illustrated by Andrew's own photos. We have even included a set of illustrated manual-mode exercises for you to practice at home before you are ready to take your skills out into the real world.

Natures Image Photography Natures Image Photography Natures Image Photography Natures Image Photography
These sample pages are displayed to give you a sense of the detail and the quality illustration of this e-book. At 100 pages long and over two years in the making, this e-book is Andrew's 'labour of love.' It will take the mystery out of DSLR photography for you, as it has done for hundreds of Andrew's workshop students.
         IN PLAIN ENGLISH          
to order and download the PDF file.
*Note: File size approx. 5.6mb
QUESTION: My camera is a computer that can take care of my exposure for me. How can it be simpler to shoot in Manual Mode?
ANSWER: Yes, your camera can do everything for you automatically, and most of the time it does an OK job. But the camera doesn't always get it right. If you are shooting in Auto and the camera gets it wrong, you have three choices:
  1. You can settle for a bad photo.
  2. You can hunt through your camera menu looking for a complex solution to a simple problem.
  3. You can spend ages at the computer trying to fix a problem that would never have happened if the photo was taken with the right settings in the first place.
In Manual Mode, YOU decide how bright or dark your photo should be, YOU decide how you want to handle a moving subject, and YOU control depth of field. So don't just the camera make its 'best guess' on your behalf. Take control and start taking photos that look the way you want them to look!
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