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My First eBook... "Photography in Plain English"






Don't waste it
...fixing up your mistakes on a computer!
Wouldn't you rather spend that time 
taking better photos?
Taking great photos can be easy. You don't need the best camera
or a degree in photography. All you need are the simple skills
all professional photographers know, and to have them
explained in simple terms that you can easily understand!
Natures Image Photography
Andrew Goodall really knows photography. A successful nature photographer with over 20 years' experience, his gallery sells to visitors from all over the world. His images have appeared on calendars and greeting cards sold across Australia. Andrew's work has been purchased by the Queensland State Government as gifts for visiting dignitaries.
"My photography workshops have been a big hit, but not everyone can get to Maleny to attend a class! So I set to work writing a simple, plain English beginner's guide to help beginners understand the fundamentals of photography."
The result is our ebook, PHOTOGRAPHY IN PLAIN ENGLISH.
We have sold thousands of copies through the gallery,
but now you can buy the PDF file as an
online download.
That's right, no postage, no waiting! Start learning today!
Natures Image Photography
Some photographers would like you to believe that the secrets of good photography are only for a gifted few. Not true! With
Photography in Plain English,
and a little practice, you will be taking better photos in no time!
Let's take a look at the reasons why most people never learn to use the manual settings on their camera.
  • The manual that comes with the camera is too complex, and doesn't really tell you the simple information you need to know.
  • Most books you can buy are packed full of too many big words and useless information. You end up more confused than when you started!
  • Most short courses are run by photographers who don't know how to teach, and don't give you notes to practice with. What you do learn, you forget in no time!
Did you know that many books and courses advertising 'digital photography'
are not really about photography at all? They want to teach you how to use software like photoshop
to hide your mistakes! Why waste time with that when you could be taking better photos in the first place?
So why is Photography In Plain English Different?
  • Everything is spelled out in simple terms.
  • No useless information. Every page will help you become a better photographer.
  • Photography in Plain English is about taking better photos, not about using software to fix your mistakes. 
  • Lots of photos. Each section is illustrated with photos from our gallery, so you can see the techniques really work.
  • Take it with you when you practice. You can print the whole book, or better still, just print the pages you need that day!
As you can see, Photography in Plain English is packed with knowledge
(54 pages of easy to follow information) and illustrated with over 75 photos from our gallery.
Courses and workshops can cost you hundreds of dollars,
and most don't give you value for money.
For just $17.50, Photography in Plain English will
teach you what you need to know.
Click Here to download the pdf file now!
With Photography in Plain English (and a little practice), you will understand:
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field.
  • How to handle moving subjects and when to use a tripod.
  • Lenses, and how they affect magnification as well as perspective and depth of field.
  • How to create compositions that are truly effective.
  • How choosing the right time of day and the best weather conditions is sometimes the most important skill set of all.
  • Also includes extra tips on landscapes, rainforests, sunsets, wildlife, black and white and macro photography.
Still not sure Photography in Plain English is for you?
Our FAQ page will answer your questions.
Read what our customers have to say about
Photography in Plain English
(Customer names deleted for privacy)  
Dear Andrew,
I recently bought your new ebook on "Photography in plain english' and have really enjoyed it. I can't wait to start trying some of your techniques out. You made it very easy to read and I loved your photos that showed your advice. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Just wanted to thank you very much. I'm sure this is going to be very helpful to me as I practise, practise practise and have fun doing it.
Thanks again,
Hi Andrew,
Before we came up to Montville I had enrolled in a 24 week photography  course, and was rather a little confused by the way they explained shutter speed and aperture.  I downloaded Photography In Plain English. Since then  I have taken every spare moment to get back to your book to finish it. I must say -BRILLIANT!!!
I am no longer so confused. Halleluja!!
Hi andrew
...I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to contact
you regarding your new book. I was at your store in montville a couple of
weeks ago and you sold me a copy of your new book. Well i have
finally had the chance to read it and as a beginner it has been excellent!!
I found it very easy to follow and understand. I have just recently
purchased an slr and can't wait to get out and take some
photos! Anyway, thanks again for the book, its been a great help to a
fairly clueless beginner!!
Hi Andrew,
I bought your photography guide last year when we visited your shop in Montville, and have found it very useful. Thank you!
If you are a beginner in photography, and truly want to learn from someone who is willing to share their knowledge, I know you will learn a lot from my ebook. I have made my living selling my photos for over 20years. The simple, easy to read information in this ebook outlines the techniques that are the stock in trade of every professional photographer. At $17.50, I have even kept the price low to reach as many people as possible.
When I finished writing Photography in Plain English, I sent a copy to every member of the local camera club. They all agreed that Photography in Plain English would be a great start for any photographer.
So... let's get snapping!
- Andrew Goodall
Natures Image Photography
Andrew & Monica Goodall
BUY NOW FOR YOUR FREE BONUS! Several years earlier Andrew wrote a short booklet entitled "Start Learning Real Photography". Perfect for quick reference when you want to check something in a hurry! This book used to sell for $9.50 in the gallery, but if you download your copy of Photography in Plain English today, you will also receive the pdf file of Start Learning Real Photography absolutely free!
CLICK HERE to start downloading
Photography in Plain English
and your free bonus
Start Learning Real Photography
When you make your purchase for "Photography in Plain English" and your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email (generated automatically) with a link. When you click on the link, the download of "Photography in Plain English" and your free bonus file will begin.
Natures Image Photography
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