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Nature's Image Photography is a true Australian Family Business
Natures Image Photography
Andrew Goodall, Kakadu National Park, 1992.
Andrew Goodall is an 'old-school' nature photographer, self taught from a young age. His love of photography started as a hobby, grew into an obsession and then a business.
In 1992 with his partner Monica (now his wife) Andrew travelled Australia to start building a collection of images which grows to this day. While Monica has moved on to other interests, Andrew has continued to build a reputation which is respected both at home and internationally.
Andrew is in frequent demand as a guest speaker, and in 2010 he was the featured guest speaker at the South Island photography conference in New Zealand.
For several years Andrew has conducted the highly successful Photography Essentials workshop in his home town of Maleny. A growing army of past students - many of whom have become close friends - owe their success to Andrew's teaching, helping to cement Andrew's position as one of the leading figures in Queensland photography.
In recent years Andrew has teamed up with a couple of travel companies to host guided photography tours. Destinations so far have included The Top End (Northern Territory), The Kimberley (WA), the Red Centre, Norfolk Island and New Zealand.
The touring concept continues to grow. CLICK HERE to find out more about our Photography Tours.
Natures Image Photography
Natures Image Photography
In the mid 1980's Andrew was studying advertising and journalism, but always knew it wasn't the right fit for his career. After taking this photo at Lamington National Park for a university assignment, Andrew knew he had found his calling and started building towards a full-time career in nature photography.
In the early days, Andrew travelled far and wide capturing the best of what Australia had to offer. He soon built a reputation for stunning natural images. These days Andrew travels more than ever as the host of his photography tours, to locations around Australia and overseas.
Natures Image Photography

Natures Image Photography

For 23 years (1993 - 2016) Andrew operated his own gallery Nature's Image Photography in Montville. The gallery closed in 2017 so Andrew could concentrate on teaching and touring. He is still based near Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, and every month new students come to learn from his popular Photography Essentials Workshops.

Nature photography can be as varied and exciting as nature itself. Andrew is one of the few current photographers who still relies on being in the right place at the right time and capturing his photos with some old-fashioned camera technique. Of course these days editing plays a role (as it always has) but Andrew applies only the lightest of touches, preferring to let nature do the talking.

Natures Image Photography

Natures Image Photography
With the current trend towards giant, over-processed landscapes, most photographers completely ignore our great animal life. Andrew loves to capture nature in all its forms and his collection includes everything from landscapes, rainforest, storms and lightning, waterfalls, and of course plenty of birds and other wildlife.
With new locations each year, and further tours already in the planning stage, photography tours have become a big feature on Andrew's calendar. Keep an eye out (why not join our mailing list) to hear about our plans for the future.
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Natures Image Photography

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